IT-Ware provides complete portal solutions where we create the required database and you regularly update it. we will provide you with cutting edge software and technology which will enable you to establish an interactive medium on the web, and create an environment to the browsers to feel a real personal touch in it. our business is to facilitate business, to enhance trade, to collect online data, to portray a city or a specific field.

planning to develop a portal !!!
take the plunge and leave the rest to us.

Ÿ  concept fine-tuning

Ÿ  content management

Ÿ  backend architecture
Ÿ  front-end interface

Ÿ  design and development

Ÿ  portal promotion

features provided:

search-internal/external, email, member registration, personalization of web pages/ information, auction/reverse auction, bulletin boards, forums, browser based ftp, chat, service requests, e-jobs, e-products cataloging, web application development and hosting etc.,

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